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Money pledged cars

If you urgently need money, but you do not want to devote any friends in the problems encountered. If the banks do not lend to you because of bad credit history, use a simple service "cash car loan". This service have Pawnshop, one of the most reliable company in Moscow is "Avtofinans".

Easy way for a credit is cash car loan.

This type of credit relations is the most simple and profitable. It allows you to get a significant amount of cash collateral under the car on the same day. In this case the borrower does not require "serious" of documents certifying the solvency confirming Moscow residence, place of work, family structure and other personal data.

Suffice it to confirm its right to possession of the vehicle and the desire to use it as collateral, and you become an honorary partner financial institution - the lender. You can be sure, no one will ask you about earmarking loans and "pry" into your personal affairs. The guarantee of repayment of the loan would be a machine that for the duration of the contract will be at the guarded parking Pawnshop.

Money secured by car

Why is this a way to get cash is called optimal for situations where money is needed urgently? The fact is that to get the cherished money you can for half an hour after the evaluation of the technical condition of the vehicle specialist. The very same estimate does not take more than 30 minutes. So, an hour after treatment in the Pawnshop, you get a cash bail cars. Agree, no bank can not boast of such a rate.

Money loan under the car have the absolutelly transparency of transactions. You can be absolutely assured of legal protection. All credit operations are accompanied by professional lawyers who monitor the legality of actions by the parties.

Advantages of cooperation with Pawnshop:

Credit is given bail auto absolutely all owners of serviceable vehicles.

Money secured by car you get your hands on the same day.

The validity of the transaction is controlled by experienced lawyers.

"Avtofinans" haven't hidden commissions and payments.

You can prepay the loan and pick up the car from the company's parking for free.

The benefit is obvious, since the borrower receives a loan of up to 90% of the market value of the car. Such conditions do not offer one!

There are "vacation credit", during which you only pay interest on the loan (the possibility and terms individually negotiated with the client).

The Pawnshop can get you for cash loan a long time, and the contract may be extended by mutual agreement of the parties. Any funds given on time if you do not close or prolongiruete contract, then put up collateral Pawnshop cars for sale. Money secured by cars in Moscow - this is an opportunity to "relive" a personal financial crisis, which could happen at any person regardless of their income level. Reliable Pawnshop "Avtofinans" will help you stay afloat in difficult times.